The Cause

Berry Street do lots of great work to help the children and families impacted by abuse or neglect, but what we’re specifically raising money for – being the ‘outdoorsy’ folk we all are – is their program of Foster Care Camps.

Kayaking Photo on Camp

Building confidence and trust

This experience is an amazing week of activities and fun for children and foster families. Many children who attend have had traumatic childhoods and the camp is often their only opportunity to go on holiday and experience new activities and make new friends. By fundraising for the Berry Street Foster Care Camps you are helping some of the most vulnerable children in Victoria.
The Berry Street Foster Care camps are:

  • For children and their foster families (including; foster parents siblings and natural children of the foster family).
  • For children including babies up to late teens, with age appropriate activities for the different age groups.
  • Held each year in two locations near the beach.
  • Attended by carers and children each year; In 2014, 146 children and 69 adult carers attended our two camps.
  • Where children have fun, build lasting friendships with each other, create more cohesive family relationships and amazing memories….
  • Where carers get a break, receive some training and connect with networks and make friends.

Your Fundraising:
No matter how much you raise you will help our fund our vital foster care camps, some examples of what can be achieved are below:

  • $350 provides funding for a child to attend camp including all meals and accommodation for a five day camp.
  • $700 can fund activities such as go-karting, surfing, horse riding and craft to have fun, build confidence and make lasting friendships.
  • $1,500 can help fund training with carers to share their experiences, gain new valuable skills to help them in their role which helps retain our critical foster carers in the community.
Bonding with others in similar circumstances

Bonding with others in similar circumstances