2019 opening midday, April 1st. The event is limited to 100 runners and we recommend signing up the day registrations open – April 1st.

Criteria (70km only)

Experience – you will need to have completed at least one trail ultra of 50kms (shorter distances of sufficient difficulty, such as Rollercoaster 43kms, may be accepted, as may fast marathon times and long course triathlons) in the last 18 months…if you’re looking for a good qualifier, we recommend:

Maroondah Dam 50km

Macedon 50km

Fundraising – we only ask that you set up your runner profile on our everydayhero team and send at least one email to friends and family. Those who wish to drive their fundraising further, will find it highly rewarding!

Entry Fees (medal included):

70km = $100 (10% discount for AURA members)

40km = $65

Mandatory Gear (70km only)

This is a trail ultramarathon held in a national park in winter. It is of a material distance and carries inherent risks. The below mandatory gear list is a requirement to run on race day. If you are missing items at check-in, you will not be allowed to run.

  • Water-proof (taped seams) jacket with hood
  • Thermal long-sleeved top (can be worn from start)
  • Emergency space blanket
  • Mobile phone (with RD’s number in directory)
  • Capacity to carry at least 1 litre of water
  • Course map (file to be supplied – print and bring either laminated or in waterproof map case)
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • 1,000kj of spare food

Extreme Wet/Cold Gear

The race organisers will be monitoring conditions in the lead-up to the race, and may require you to also carry:

  • Thermal pants (can be worn from start)
  • Beanie/Balaclava
  • Gloves

Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy

The race is subject to permits and approvals from a number of authorities. Should the race be cancelled due to circumstances resulting in these permits and approvals being withdrawn, no refunds will apply. If you choose to withdraw from the race of your own volition within four weeks of the event date, there will also be no refund applicable. Earlier withdrawals will be subject to a 50% refund. There is a family planning exception to these withdrawal policies applicable to female participants only, whereby in the event of pregnancy, or other significant primary care incidents, the runner is entitled to defer her entry to future years, with a guaranteed spot in the field.

22 thoughts on “Enter

  1. Hello, I’ve signed up but haven’t received a confirmation email (other than a payment acknowledgement from “registernow”. Is that it? How will I be able to tell when I’ve qualified? Also, how do I go about setting up the everydayhero page? Thank in advance!


    • Hi. The confirmation should have stated that if you don’t hear from us within a few days your entry is accepted. I will double check the confirmation and make sure everything is working. You’re in!


  2. Is there a cutoff time for this event? I’m okay to run but friend likely to need to walk (at a decent pace) due to knee injury?


  3. It says to compete in the 70km you must of done an ultra previously. What is the criteria for the 2 person relay? I might be missing ot but couldn’t see fees or criteria for the 2 person option? Thank you in advance 😊


  4. Hi there – just wanted to check if you need a headlamp? It’s not listed in he mandatory gear but thought I’d ask 🙂


  5. I’m planning on entering tomorrow (April 1). I have yet to run a 50km ultra but I’m planning on competing in the Maroondah Dam 50km at the end of April. As it is a minimum requirement can I enter tomorrow and state my plan to run the 50km in a month’s time?
    Do I need to provide anything else to guarantee my entry?


  6. Hi
    I have completed the surf coast century 50k back in 2016. I have completed Comrades 92k in 2018 although this is a road race. Will this qualify me?


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