70km Course

The Lerderderg Track, apart from being a really fun word to say aloud, is the Southern most section of the Great Dividing Trail network. The course starts at Blackwood, quickly leaving town and getting into a brief taste of the sweet single-track along the gorge, before cutting through the forest along a mix of trails and dirt road down to Mt Blackwood, then on to the Blackwood Range Track, all the way to the trail head at Swans Rd. The return route revisits the Blackwood Range Track to Mt Blackwood and continues to follow the magnificent Lerderderg Trail all the way back to Blackwood.

You will pass through plenty of juicy forest, catch views of splendid vistas where gorge after gorge rolls away into the distance, negotiate awesome, highly runnable single track winding above the Lerderderg River on the way back into Blackwood – a lovely, historic mining town that’ll transport you back in time. You will emerge from your efforts renewed and energised.

The race will start at 7.30am and has a comfortable 12 hour cutoff.

70km Course Map

GPS: 70km Course GPX File


Distance: 70kms (approx.)

Total elevation gain: 2,000m (approx.)

Cutoff: 12 hours


Indicative Elevation Profile (not exact course):

Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile

8 thoughts on “70km Course

  1. I am really a road runner, but have done the Surf Coast Trail Marathon. Is this suitable for people new to trails? I’ve run 50 and 60km ultras so I think I’m ok with the 70km distance, but not sure if this would be too technical for me. Do you need trail shoes?


    • You’ll be absolutely fine. There are some technical sections, but plenty of more runnable stretches. If it was going to be wet (which it hasn’t previously) then trail shoes would be preferable, but road shoes otherwise fine.


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